Polyfold started in 2015 as a collective of musicians with the goal of supporting each other and our community through musical and professional collaboration. In addition to presenting numerous concerts, we have partnered with cultural organizations including the Carr Center and Spread Art (Detroit), educational programs including Detroit Youth Violin, facilitated artistic residencies for touring musicians in New York and Detroit, and organized the Polyfold Free Arts Festival at the New School (New York). We have also released new music under the Polyfold label.

As our commitment to community building and engagement has increased we decided to pursue a tax-exempt status as a cultural organization. In May 2018 we received an official designation from the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax exempt group. This status enables us to seek institutional grant funding as well as private charitable donations.

Here are some things that your tax deductible donation will materialize into:

-Venue rental fee for our monthly concert series

-Honorarium for creative improvisers that perform at our series

-Operation Cost (website hosting cost, cloud storage, and band camp label fees)

 Make a tax-deductible donation now through PayPal: