Polyfold Presents

Update: Due to covid-19, all concerts for both Spring/Fall 2020 season of Polyfold Presents is cancelled.

One of the most successful and important projects we have been working on over the past year has been curating and presenting a monthly concert series in Brooklyn, New York. The first weekend of each month we present a double bill at Scholes Street Studio featuring a project led by a Polyfold artist as well as a project led by a musician outside the collective. The focus is on original music and experimental or new projects. We have had the opportunity to develop important creative projects and relationships through this series, and are very proud of the series’ contribution to the creative community.

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The concert series would not be possible without the support of the community members. Thank you to all those who donated during our last fundraising cycle!

Beth and Rob Sklar
Joel Chriss
Adam Good
Caleb Curtis
Thaira Kathawa
Matt Setzler
Adam O’Farrill
Akiko Uesaka
Cat Toren
Molly Jones
Jesse Math
Frances Ross
Walter Cano
James Wengroe
Liz Brauer
Magdalena Abrego
Skyler Hill
Clifton Boyd
Will Meyerhofer
Caroline Getz
Annick Odom
Greg Daniels
Ellen Rowe
Jessica Hallock
Aakash Mittal
Bruno Yoshioka
Santiago Liebson
Sharon Cottrell
Jeffrey and Susie Levine
Ryan Proch
Michel Maurer
David Leon
Jacob Hiser
Juan Trujillo