Polyfold Presents

One of the most successful and important projects we have been working on over the past year has been curating and presenting a monthly concert series in Brooklyn, New York. The first weekend of each month we present a double bill at Scholes Street Studio featuring a project led by a Polyfold artist as well as a project led by a musician outside the collective. The focus is on original music and experimental or new projects. We have had the opportunity to develop important creative projects and relationships through this series, and are very proud of the series’ contribution to the creative community.

Fall 2019 Schedule

All concerts occur at Scholes Street Studio (375 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY)
All concerts are double bills starting at 8pm
A donation of $10 is suggested

Nothing from January 23, 2020 to July 23, 2020.


This concert series would not be possible without the help we got from generous music/art supporters through our kickstarter campaign! A big thanks for everyone who contributed, and special shout out to individuals below!

Series Sponsor
Bruno Yoshioka

Concert Booster
Mary Wang Oskamp

Musician Sponsor
Jing Li
Jeff and Joy Main
Ken Rolston
Sharon Cottrell
Ryan Proch